VOOM Soak Off Gel Polish #200 - Blue Velvet (.17 fl. oz. | 5 ml)

Blue Velvet - #voom200

Soak off gel polish .17 fl. oz. (5 ml)
Code: C-200 | GTIN: 5056242402008

Awaken your creativity and transfer it to your nails thanks to the rich palette of VOOM UV Gel Polish. Find your favourite colour that will reflect your lifestyle and become an irreplaceable companion every day.

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Product Description

VOOM has been created for professional nail art and maintenance which is provided by high-quality products simultaneously caring for your health. VOOM provides an excellent and easy method, which has been upgraded and perfected from standard polish.

VOOM Gel Polish has specially designed formula which works combined with UV/LED light and dries in just seconds giving you smudge free and perfect manicure every time, also offering the wide range of deeply pigmented colours and all the necessary professional tools and products allowing you perform a manicure and pedicure.

Why choose VOOM Gel Polish

  • Lasts up to 21 days
  • Durable
  • No chipping
  • Scratch and smudge resistant
  • Deeply pigmented
  • Full coverage
  • Strengths natural nails
  • High gloss throughout all wear
  • Perfect consistency for easy application



    Nail Preparation
  • Shape nails to desired shape and length.
  • Carefully remove cuticles using all the necessary products and tools.
  • Carefully buffer shine off the nail using a buffer.
  • Apply primer, wait until it evaporates.
    Gel Polish Application (see curing time on curing timetable)
  • Apply the thin layer of Base Coat and cure in UV/LED lamp
  • Apply think layer of your chosen colour sealing the edges and cure in UV/LED lamp.
  • Apply second, the thin layer or your chosen colour sealing the edges and cure.
  • Apply Top Coat to secure and cure in UV/LED lamp.
  • Wipe off sticky residue using Nail Cleaner.
  • Apply hand cream.
  • Apply cuticle oil directly onto cuticle and massage in.


    Nail Preparation
  • Gently file off the very top layer.
  • Soak Foil Wraps in Acetone and wrap each finger leaving it soaked for around 10 minutes.
  • Remove all foils.
  • Using Wooden Sticks or Cuticle Metal Pusher gently remove any residue.
  • Gently buff nails using a buffer.
  • Apply hand cream.
  • Apply cuticle oil directly onto cuticle and massage in.